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    Wormholes for Solar Warden

    21 January 2017 , by Kaze of Kami

    Development Update – Wormholes for Solar Warden So for January I’ve been working on some Wormhole tech and got pretty far with it. These wormholes are not the usual 2D Portals that you see in “Portal” or all of those other tutorials out there for Unreal, but rather more like the move “Interstellar” with a 3D sing... Read more

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    Oct updates catchup – Al...

    30 October 2016 , by Kaze of Kami

    Along with all the weapons and backend updates this month. The Aliens are progressing nicely. First, we have the Grub that has had its Fusion Beam weapon plugged in. Alien Fusion Beam In this video, the Grub spawns from a different Asteroid and fires a powerful beam at the player. This demonstrates that any of the new weapons created can... Read more

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