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Along with all the weapons and backend updates this month. The Aliens are progressing nicely.

First, we have the Grub that has had its Fusion Beam weapon plugged in.

Alien Fusion Beam

In this video, the Grub spawns from a different Asteroid and fires a powerful beam at the player. This demonstrates that any of the new weapons created can also be applied to the AI as well. Along with the Fusion Beam on the Grub, the Player in this video is equipped with Blast Cannons! These cannons are an automatic shotgun that are great at close range. Also for added effect, I’ve opened up firing mechanics to have a setup for camera shake to give more feedback to the Player when they are firing powerful weapons.
Further to the Grub, we have created some concept art to be forwarded onto 3D artists to make a high end version.

Alien Grub Concepts

Additionally, some Whitebox has begun with some of the additional Alien enemies. Here is one of them

Alien Exploder Whitebox

This creature has expandable sacks that are filled with a gaseous compound that can detonate with a high yield of explosive power. These creatures will attempt to fly into the Player and detonate within rage of their explosive blast range to deal massive damage to the Player. They are usually found in swarms.
More Aliens to come!

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