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Development Update – Wormholes for Solar Warden

So for January I’ve been working on some Wormhole tech and got pretty far with it.

These wormholes are not the usual 2D Portals that you see in “Portal” or all of those other tutorials out there for Unreal, but rather more like the move “Interstellar” with a 3D singularity. I wanted to make it feel like the Player or other objects are being pulled into the Singularity and then spat out at the destination that I am rendering in real time. Since the tech worked out really well for a First Person Shooter mechanic, I may in the future release a different Indie title that focuses on this bit of Tech.

Since making this tech, I’ve also ported it over to Solar Warden and got it working for the most part with the Space Ships.

For the game, this will be near End Game technology that the Player will unlock so they may travel quickly around the Planet rather than using their Mag Drive, as well as an important plot point in the story (NO SPOILERS!)


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