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What Is “Solar Warden”

“According to theories, Solar Warden is an ultra-secret project that maintains a fleet of spacecraft that are operating primarily within Earth’s Orbit and around our solar system. Some say they’re defending us against alien threats.” – Jonathan Marcus

It is the year 2020 and mankind’s existence may soon come to an end. Without warning, several cities already decimated by incoming meteors and now hundreds of asteroids that were previously unidentified are headed toward Earth. No one knows where this sudden surge of rogue asteroids came from, but one thing is clear – for mankind to survive, a space defense force is needed. In response to this onslaught, several world nations formed a secret organization called the “Planetary Defense Initiative” (PDI) to defend against alien threats. With the funding of several first world nations, the PDI built a space defense fleet to quickly respond to the orbital bombardment. By deploying super advanced spacecraft, armed with the latest military weapons and technologies, these craft intercept these rogue asteroids anywhere in Earth orbit and quickly neutralize the threat. Classified to the public with clearance levels many times above top secret, this space defense fleet has been identified only with the project name “Solar Warden

Solar Warden is an independent title where you play as both the Commander of the “Planetary Defense Initiative” and the Ace Pilot of the “Solar Warden” project. Currently slated for a Steam PC release and other future console platforms. As the Player, you will pilot the most advanced military craft known to man, protecting the planet against incoming meteors and other alien threats. If left unchecked, Earth’s cities will be destroyed and life on Earth will cease to exist. Through the funding of several first world nations, take charge of the PDI and allocate resources to the research of different defense technologies and equip the Solar Warden defense fleet with the latest top secret weapons to defend Earth against these extraterrestrial threats to human existence.


  • Pilot a range of spacecraft from light star fighters to heavy frigates and fly seamlessly around Planet Earth.

    • Beware of coming into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere! These craft are not shielded for re-entry.
  • Customize your spacecraft with a wide range of weaponry such as;

    • Ballistic cannons, beam lasers, missiles, torpedoes and bombs, neutron cannons, black hole generators, and many more.
  • Combat against the Alien Silicoid

    • Found deep within the rock surfaces of the asteroids, many creatures that seem to have evolved in the vacuum of space call these asteroids home. Destroying these asteroids will enrage these creatures and attack you like hornets defending their nests.
  • Use a wide array of different tactics to destroy this alien menace

    • Make Harry Stamper proud by detonating bombs within the cores of the asteroids, taking them out from the inside. Or deploy minefields or defense satellites to aid you in shooting down the incoming hostile threats.
  • Use the Planetary Defense Interface to head the strategies in defending the planet

    • Bid between partnered countries for different missions such as Asteroid Capture and Space Mining, to the construction of the Space Elevator.
    • Purchase Weapons and Technology for partnered countries
  • Partnered countries hold an affinity toward the Solar Warden project

    • Beware of country favoritism as each country will hold their own affinity toward dealings with Solar Warden. With better affinity, equipment and technology will become cheaper, but if they fall out of favor, they may with draw from the project and cut their funding altogether.
  • Impacts on Earth are locational and persistent!

    • Failure in defending the planet against impacts will wipe out any city caught in the blast. If those cities are a part of the partnered countries, affinity with those countries will drop.
  • Single Player Story

    • A fully featured single player story with many hours of specialized missions
    • Discover what the cause of this influx of meteors and find out where these aliens and asteroids are coming from.
  • Seamlessly transition between the Planetary Defense Interface, Launch hangar and Flight

    • No loading screens to launch into missions!

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