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“According to theories, Solar Warden is an ultra-secret project that maintains a fleet of spacecraft that are operating primarily within Earth’s Orbit and around our solar system. Some say they’re defending us against alien threats.” – Jonathan Marcus

Solar warden is a Six-Degrees-of-Freedom space shooter combined with an overarching campaign with real time strategy elements – jump into your fighter and combat the Silicoid menace up close, while you command and dispatch the Solar Warden fleet for reinforcements as you see fit.

You will gain the favour of nations you support, granting you funding, research, and military assets to further you in your goal. Experimental ships, weapon systems and upgrade tech will be at your disposal.

But make no mistake, any damage Earth’s surface takes is persistent in your campaign. Failure to defend means loss of diplomatic ties, research, and ultimately, doom to the planet itself.

However, this is no task you have to undertake alone: Solar Warden features full co-op support in all of its campaign, allowing you to fight for Earth’s survival together with up to 4 friends.

Solar Warden takes inspiration from games like Descent, Freelancer, XCOM, and EVERSPACE – aiming to capture this similar spirit of action, exploration, and solid campaign gameplay, while bringing in new features to provide a unique experience not previously explored in this genre.


It is the year 2070 and mankind’s existence may soon come to an end. Without warning, several cities already decimated by incoming meteors and now hundreds of asteroids that were previously unidentified are headed toward Earth. No one knows where this sudden surge of rogue asteroids came from, but one thing is clear – for mankind to survive, a space defense force is needed. In response to this onslaught, several world nations formed a secret organization called the “Planetary Defense Initiative” to defend against alien threats. With the funding of several first world nations, the PDI built a space defense fleet to quickly respond to the orbital bombardment. By deploying super advanced spacecraft, armed with the latest military weapons and technologies, these craft intercept these rogue asteroids anywhere in Earth orbit and quickly neutralize the threat. Classified to the public with clearance levels many times above top secret, this space defense fleet has been identified only with the project name “Solar Warden

  • Six-Degrees-of-Freedom and Newtonian physics space combat

    – Utilize your maneuvering thrusters to propel your craft at will in any direction
    – Engage in tactical space combat with a comprehensive Newtonian flight model

  • Command your fleet via real time strategy overlay

    – Take charge of the Solar Warden fleet via the Planetary Defense Interface
    – Build defenses around the Planet and send craft to intercept incoming threats

  • Fully narrated Co-Op Campaign

    – A fully featured story with hours of specialized missions
    – Discover the cause of the influx of meteors and find out where these aliens and asteroids are coming from
    – Play a full campaign with up to 4 Players

  • Persistent Diplomacy, Research and Planet Damage

    – Failure to defend the planet against impacts will wipe out any city caught in the blast
    – Loss of a city will drastically deteriorate your relationships with patron countries of the Solar Warden project

  • No Load Screens

    – Seamless transitions between strategy and space combat

  • Earth’s orbit is your Sandbox

    – Travel freely around earth’s outer orbit and stage your defense against the incoming threat

  • Combat the Alien Silicoid

    – The vacuum of space allowed unique and strange creatures to dwell and emerge. Be  prepared to encounter these lifeforms beneath the rocky surfaces of asteroids and brace yourself for their attack should you disturb their quiet homes.

  • Customize and expand your fleet

    – Prove your piloting skills when defending Earth from the cockpit of light and heavy fighters, bombers and even corvettes
    – Customize your spacecraft’s weaponry using a deadly mix of ballistic cannons, beam lasers, missiles, torpedoes and bombs, neutron cannons, black hole generators and more.

  • Use the Planetary Defense Interface to stage your campaign

    – Take on a wide range of different missions from Capturing Asteroids and Space Mining to the construction of entire space elevators.
    – Purchase weapons and technology provided by partnered countries.

  • Patron countries hold an affinity toward the Solar Warden project

    – Be a true leader and even diplomat when dealing with countries that each have their own requirements and expectations towards you and the Solar Warden project. Pleasing one country by providing cutting edge defense technology might not go over well with another!
    – Higher affinity from a country will make equipment and technology cheaper to acquire, but the flipside might mean a country withdrawing from the project, cutting their funding or even using their forces to attack you!


Solar Warden uses a Six-Degrees-Of-Freedom flight system, married to Newtonian flight physics to be overcome and exploited in action-packed dogfights. Your ship’s thrusters can be set to several modes that are suitable to either pursuit, dog fighting and even navigating the tight corners inside massive asteroids, navigating the mazes within and blasting it clear of hostiles.

Combat and Flight System Gif

Each ship’s weapon hardpoints can be fully customized to use a wide array of weaponry like heavy lasers, heat seeking missiles, rail-guns, and many more. As you research new tech, you’ll be able to further upgrade your ship with improved countermeasures, shield generators and improved power plants to give you more maneuverability and firepower.

You won’t be staying with the same ship for all of your campaign, either. As you progress, you’ll acquire funds to put towards the development and acquisition of new ships – upgrading to a range of cutting-edge fighters or hard-hitting bombers.

You’ll have multiple ways of getting places fast too; The experimental Mag Drive system allows you to do quick jumps to waypoints scattered across the Earth’s Magnetosphere, and as you progress further through the game, even more exotic technology like using wormholes to your advantage. All of this travel happens entirely without loadscreens in between – it all happens in one instance, letting you watch every moment of the journey.

Mag Drive Gif

The Solar Warden program is the centerpiece of Earth’s defense against threats from outer space. The Planetary Defense Interface (PDI) is the Solar Warden’s way to coordinate these efforts, allowing you to coordinate the fleet. Build up your defense network, accept missions and manage the project’s funding and diplomacy.

You will be able to utilize the PDI to command fleets around the orbit of Earth and have them directly engage with any incoming meteors or alien threats. From the ships that you built with custom loadouts, you will also be able to give specific commands to those ships. Ordering them to perform specific attack patterns or activate special equipment such as Cloaking Devices or Deploying defense satellites.

Not only will you be able to Command your vessels from the PDI, but if you so choose, you also have the option to take direct control of individual ships through the “Telepresence” system. Relieving any of your AI Pilots or Captains from their vessel temporarily, you assume complete control over the ship allowing you to then fly and fire the weapons as if you were the direct pilot of the ship. You may also at any time release control of the vessel and it will then return to the control of the AI pilot.

Telepresence also allows you to have better control over the fleet that the ship is part of, allowing for micromanagement of your wingman and ordering them to engage specific directed targets. Be careful though, as Telepresence is only available in areas that have Communication Satellite coverage. If these satellites are damaged or destroyed, then you will be unable to utilize Telepresence in these “dark zones”.

All of this gameplay seamlessly transitions your viewpoint from the PDI into your ship and vice versa without load screens or delays.

PDI Transitions gif


Build up and customize the Solar Warden Defense Fleet with additional assets:

  • Fighters that are on standby to intercept threats across the globe
  • Early warning satellites that increase your detection range of encroaching threats
  • Point defense platforms you can place across the orbit to guard key locations and population centers
  • Researching technologies to unlock new fleet assets, ship upgrades, and whole new ships.

Those resources come with responsibility – failure to take down a meteor will result in major damage on the planet. Each impact you can’t prevent will have lasting effects. Casualties amongst the population will happen, making the earth a less hospitable place with every hit. But not only the surface will feel the effects – countries will cut their funding, research, and ultimately to an official drop of support for your program. Neglect the defense of a country, and you’ll become the enemy, having to fight both alien and human alike. Everyone’s life is at stake, and your ultimate purpose is saving Earth – fail in this duty and you’ll be stranded in space, forever looking down at the barren wasteland that used to be Earth.

Defending Earth is the ultimate objective of the Solar Warden campaign, and the threats you encounter can be split into these classes:


Utilized by the Silicoid enemy as both siege engine and troop transport, your detection equipment will pick up meteor clusters on course for Earth’s surface. Each meteor has the potential to obliterate cities and kill millions of the population you protect, and you will have to build an effective early warning network as well as take on major threats in your own fighter to succeed.

Meteors and Alien Spawn gif

These meteors can take many shapes, from massive, iron-filled rocks tossed at major population centers or formations of dense metal or crystal, highly resistant to gunfire and a massive hazard to earth no matter where they hit.


As you blow up meteors, you will discover they’re not just empty rocks set on a collision course with earth – they harbor the frontline troops of the true enemy, a deadly Silicoid species composed of various different lifeforms:

  • Smaller Larvae and Spore Exploders, providing fire support for their larger kin or running outright kamikaze attacks against your ship

  • Spaceship-sized Grubs, wielding a destructive beam weapon – defeat them in dogfights or find your fighter cleaved in two

  • Tripods, clinging to a meteor’s surface and acting as point defense

  • The space station sized Silicoid Worm, bombarding your ship with crystal shards while trying to eat you alive

  • Many more deadly lifeforms you’ll encounter in the course of your campaign

While the meteors are aimed at taking out Earth and it’s population, the Silicoid aliens are the warriors fighting its defenders, and the main threat your ship will face.

Hesitate to take out the Silicoid, and your Hull will fail. Fail to take out meteors, and you’ll have nowhere to go back to.


Presenting the ultimate threat, you will encounter gigantic asteroids the size of space stations, large enough to be all but invincible to conventional gunfire. Filled to the brim with deadly Silicoids, they’re the ultimate bastion to take out – your only chance of destroying them is to venture deep inside them and blow them up from within, while escaping fast enough to not get caught in the blast yourself.

Mega Meteors Gif

Full Co-Op support is a fundamental pillar of Solar Warden’s multiplayer gameplay. You’ll be able to share both your ship roster and planetary resources with up to 3 friends while playing the full campaign in Co-Op mode, saving Earth together.

You can choose to fly in a wing or operate independently across the earth to cover different hotspots, adapting your tactics as the situation requires.

Command of the Planetary Defense Interface is shared completely between players, allowing you a wide range of tactical decisions as you build up and control your defense network together.

Save games will be completely compatible and seamlessly load between Singleplayer and Multiplayer, with the Host providing his savegame to determine Earth’s state and campaign progress, allowing all players to share in the victory over the Silicoid threat.

MechWarrior: Living Legends

The former Developers including the Co-Founder of the acclaimed 2009 total conversion mod “MechWarrior: Living Legends” (MWLL) have founded Polar Zenith studios with the plans of building new games titles that follow the same passion and dedication they showed when building MWLL. Now with over 10 years AAA experience under their belt (with titles such as Crysis 2, Ryse: Son of Rome and Star Citizen), they begin their journey of independent game development with the break out title of Solar Warden.

“Now in 2017  it seems like this is the time where you don’t need 300+ people to make a game anymore. More and more I see small teams of 1 to 6 developers making outstanding titles. This has inspired me to do the same and create Polar Zenith, a stand alone Indie Development company that will create fun and exciting game titles for any Core gamer to enjoy!” – Dan Adams, CEO of Polar Zenith.




Currently slated for a Steam PC release and console platforms in the future. Release Date: TBD

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