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Greetings Wardens

In this update, we have lots to show for new assets and some incoming additions to the fleet! Also along new enemies (both human and alien) that you will encounter while defending the planet. We also would like to show off the use of the directional shield array from the “Aegis” lost tech Heavy Fighter that has to be recaptured!

“Aegis” Heavy Fighter

Introducing the new Aegis Heavy Fighter.

This heavy fighter is among a few of the lost tech ships derelict in orbit around the planet. Intel reports claim that this ship contains a prototype energy shield array that can be projected around the ship and absorb both energy base and kinetic based weaponry! Reports also indicate there may be some rogue space vessels around this same derelict vessel and may be trying to retrieve it themselves. We must reclaim before they do!

Directional Energy Shields

Further study into the lost technology archives indicates that this heavy fighter held not just the ability to produce a bubble shield around the vessel, but shield emitters that can also direct and focus its energy shield in all different directions!

Not only is any 360 direction possible, but the shield can also be quickly tuned to expand or focus the strength of the shield providing more protecting in that direction before collapsing.

New “Zelus” Heavy Fighter

Warden! It seem we have confirmed reports now of a new Aegis of Terra heavy fighter. Codenamed the “Zelus”, we believe this new enemy fighter to be actively used for assault missions and patrolling high value assets.

Even though we don’t have intel on what the current armament capabilities of this craft are, we do know that it’s size ranges between their fighter craft the “Osprey” and their bomber the “Typhon”. Proceed with caution Warden.

New “Argonaut” (Codenamed: “Hurricane”) Heavy Fighter

The same manufacturer that retrofitted the Hoplite and Myrmidon aerospace craft to function in high orbit has finally completed the new Heavy Fighter “Argonaut” prototype.

Formerly known as the “Hurricane”, this new Heavy Fighter is the answer to the Tempest Bomber that comes equipped now with it’s own Mag Drive and heavy chassis to absorb the attacks of heavier foes as well as dish it back with mounts capable of carrying magnetic railgun weaponry.

Having slightly larger surface area of the Myrmidon, the Argonaut physical size firmly fits itself as one of the larger heavy fighters to be brought to the fleet.

New “Eos” Corvette

As our orbital manufacturing improves, a new chassis in the Corvette size has been developed and is ready for deployment! The new “Eos” Corvette can now be created at the Corvette Shipyards!

Much more bulky than the Helios, the Eos allows for a much larger capacity for both weapons and ammunition. Of course due to this bulk, the Eos is much slower at maneuverability and is likely to be overwhelmed by swarms of smaller targets.

Larger Shipyards

Warden. Thanks to your efforts in capturing asteroids and establishing mining operations in orbit, we’ve rapidly been able to expand our orbital manufacturing efforts! As a result, we have vastly expanded our fleets building capabilities with the inclusion of space born Frigates, Destroyers, Battleships! See below for all the included shipyards we can now build!

Corvette and Frigate Shipyards

Along with our normal Corvette Shipyards, we now are able to construct large Frigate vessels such as the Hyperion as well as brand new larger vessels!

Destroyer Shipyard closeup

The Destroyer Shipyards have the capability of constructing much larger vessels such as the Orion class Destroyer!

Destroyer Shipyard side view

Battleship Shipyard

Even beyond the Orion class Destroyer are the Battleship sized vessels! Some Battleships even have the capability of holding fighters in small fighter bays. Construct vessels that rival the size of the Silicoid Worms and take the fight to them!

Battleship Shipyard closeup

Battleship Shipyard Icarus flying through

All Shipyards for size comparison

Frigates, Destroyers and Battleships!

Hyperion Reclassified as a Frigate

Due to it’s size and demand for more resources, the Hyperion has been reclassified as a Frigate class vessel and will be manufactured at the Frigate Shipyards.

Orion Class Destroyer

One of the first of the Destroyer class ships, the Orion is a well rounded vessel suitable for the majority of the larger battles against both the Aegis of Terra and the alien threats.

Taurus Class Destroyer

Designed for heavy engagements, the Taurus comes ready to hold heavier fixed weaponry to help crack open Mega Meteors without the need of deploying nuclear weaponry. As a result, the Taurus class Destroyers require more than the usual resources required, and are more slowly built compared to the Orion class.

Hades Class Battleship

The need for transporting and deploying fighters among the larger of the fleet ships was quickly apparent due to overwhelming Silicoid swarms, thus the Hades was conceived to be able to both provide heavy bombardment as well as launch escort fighters.

Ares Battleship

The pinnacle of the fleet’s nuclear arsenal, the Ares class Battleship was truly designed for war. Capable of deploying multiple nuclear warheads and high yield torpedoes, the Ares is the Battleship to call on to bring total annihilation to the alien threat.

More large vessels to come

This is not an exclusive list of the new large vessels. More ships will be brought online as seen in future updates such as the Anax Destroyer and new Frigates to fill the roster gap.

Clean up of Alien Assets

During this time of improving all the assets for Unreal 4.25 with new lighting features, the Silicoid assets needed to be cleaned up and properly light balanced within 4.25. Below you can see the new Texture and Material improvements on several of the Aliens.

Grub Material Rebalanced

Grub and Worm Materials Rebalanced

Spitter Textures fixed for arms and Materials Rebalanced

Spitter and Grub after art rebalance

Moar Arriens!

Along with the alien art rebalancing and the new ships that came in, the Silicoid needed some more brethren to play with. As a result, new “evolutions” were created to both fill the gab between several species as well a few whitebox replacements made.

WIP New “Squid” replacement from the whitebox version

WIP Left: Grub, Right: (new) Shell Grub

WIP Shell Grub protecting itself

WIP New Maggot and Wormlet

WIP Lineup: Whitebox Squid, Larva, Spitter, Squid, Maggot, Wormlet, Grub, Shell Grub

All Aliens seen above have also been exported and setup in engine as well

Squid Whitebox replacement

Larva, Squid, Whitebox Squid, Grub

Maggot, Wormlet, Grub, Shell Grub

These new Aliens are meant to provide a kind of “evolutionary” or “metamorphosis” gap for the Silicoid. One could surmise that a life cycle of a Silicoid would be something like this

Larva –> Maggot –> Grub –> Shell Grub

Regardless of their evolutionary process, beware of their hostility and don’t get swarmed by them!

Replacement Alien Eggs

New Egg meshes and “Egg Cradles” have been made

These Silicoid Eggs can be found deep within the caves inside the Mega Meteors. Destroy them before they can hatch new evolutions of Silicoid!

Whew! That was a lot!

And of course there’s still more to come! Join us on our Discord to see new Sneak Previews for next Updates!

Join Solar Warden DiscordThanks again for all of your support and we’ll see you in the next update!

God speed, Warden!


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