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Greetings Wardens

In this update, we wanted to show you the latest with regards to both the Mega Meteors status and also the additional work with the modular weapons we’re plugging into the ship systems.

More Ship Weapons

In our last update, we’ve been plugging away at setting up additional weapons for you to play with come the Alpha. Such weapons include (but not limited to); Neutron Cannons, Flak Cannons, Storm Cannons, Coilguns, and EMP Cannons.

As we’ve been building out the modular weapons, we’ve found a need for making a sizing system to restrict weapons to particular sized mounts on different parts of the ship, so we didn’t end up with something like this…

To solve this, we came up with a simple system that splits the mounts of the weapons into their own sizes (1-6) and the pod sizes of the mounts to house the weapons be fitted to slot in weapons from sizes “Small/Medium/Large/Naval”.

Some examples of this are;
– Single Fixed Mount Small (Size 1) (holds a single small weapon like an Autocannon or Minigun)
– Single Turret Small (Size 2) (holds a single small weapon, but also gimbals and adds more armor/structural points to the ship, also weighs more than gimbal)
– Bi-Turret Small (Size 3) (similar to the single turret, but holds 2 small weapons)
and the mounts go on from there…

The variety of weapons and mounts will allow for very unique setups with your weapons and we look forward to seeing what you come up with for loadouts for your ships.

(Tempest with 6 different weapons – Flak, Ripper, Neutron, AC, Minigun, Gatling)

Mega-Meteor Caverns

Have you ever wanted to go Spelunking? In the dark? The Caverns of the Mega-Meteor are now ready for you to dive in and explore them with your Fighters and Bombers of your fleet. But beware what lurks below as several Silicoid are believed to have made nests within these caverns. It is up to you to navigate these tunnels and find the pre-scanned fracture spot where you can plant the nuclear bomb to blow the Mega-Meteor up from the inside.

Once inside, your flight systems will automatically switch to “Relative Velocity: Direct Vector Control”, meaning your ship will automatically set itself to the local velocity of the meteor so at rest your will seem like you are not moving inside the meteor. This will allow you to strafe and maneuver with just your thrusters directly giving you and easy 6-degrees of freedom flight control within the Mega-Meteor. If you so wish, you may toggle this automatic feature off and switch your flight control systems on your own. We will be providing a Radial Menu when you press and hold the “G” key so you may switch to this mode and back or even also to the Turret View.

Furthermore, Eggs of the Silicoid can be found hanging on the walls of caverns. Be sure to destroy them before the Silicoid can spawn from them and attack you!

Good Luck, and God Speed Warden

We will see you all in the next update!

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