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Greetings Wardens

In this week’s update, we’d like to share with you the current WIP status of the Mega Meteor destruction and “Descent” style gameplay involved in nuking this Extinction Level Event from the inside.

Mega Meteor – Prebroken

Since the revamping of the meteor destruction and making certain the shadows work for the massive objects, we’ve been first “breaking” and then putting the Mega-Meteor back together with those pre-broken pieces. As the Mega-Meteors are set to be over 1 Million triangles, this 3D object requires alot of attention and painstaking verification that all the pieces are working correctly. With the basic Asteroids having anywhere from 6-10 pre-broken major pieces, the Mega-Meteor has over 100 (more so to keep small enough for the distance field shadows to work). And with each of those 100, we will further break them into 20-30 “mini-pieces” for full destruction. We hope to show you the results of that next week.

Even still, we’re really happy where this is going so far and are having fun nuking even just the major pieces…

“Descent” into the Mega-Meteor

As seen in previous videos and updates; Mega-Meteors will require a bigger punch to take them out. Without a Hyperion Railgun to cut these guys in half though, more conventional high yield explosive devices are required to do the job such as Nuclear Bombs. However, nuking the surface of the Mega-Meteor will have little effect as it will only cause surface damage.

In order to achieve total destruction of these Mega-Meteors, you will take control of a fighter and fight your way into the caverns of this asteroid.

Many Silicoid will attempt to hinder your progress, but do not let them stand in your way!

The tunnels are also quite dark inside, so be certain to activate your outer lighting on your vessel as you descend into the depths. As you approach the Mega-Meteor, your vessel will automatically switch over to the relative flight mode and allow you to maneuver in your 6 degrees of freedom while maintaining relative velocity with the Mega-Meteor’s gravity field. This will allow you to navigate those tight tunnels much more easily.

After planting the nuclear device in the heart of the Mega-Meteor, you’ll have 30 seconds to get your ass outta there. Deploying Flare markers on your initial descent will help guide you to escape. Once you achieve safe distance from the Mega-Meteor, sit back and watch the fireworks.


Thanks again for tuning in to our weekly update! We will see you all next week!

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