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Please Note: These are retroactive posts to show history and progress.

Modular Weapons! – This back end writing on the weapon system has allowed me to split the weapons into the following modules for me to play with.

  • Charge Modes
  • Fire Modes
  • Shot Modes
The reason for making this whole system was mainly to allow me to create new weapons easily and efficiently. So what do these modules open up? Well, here’s what I can do now with each of them.
  • Charge Modes
    • None
    • Press and Hold
    • Fire and Forget (Press once and charge happens automatically)
  • Fire Modes
    • Single (Semi-auto)
    • Burst (Length of shooting time on Beam)
    • Full Automatic (Continuous Shooting with Beam)
  • Shot Modes
    • Single Shot
    • Shotgun (X projectiles)
    • Beam
Allowing for a mix and match of any of these above + any projectile I wish, this allows me to make the bulk of common or unique weapons out there with these simple modes. For example I made a few here on the Player’s Ship – Ion Beam and Burst Fire Missiles….

Ion Beam and Burst Fire Missiles

This system doesn’t just work on the Player, but also the AI as well! In the next update, I’ll show this working on the Grub to have him barf out a Fusion beam at the Player!
But it doesn’t stop here. Tons more weapons I’m planning on making…
  • Blast Cannon (Automatic Shotgun)
  • Gauss Cannon (Fire and Forget Sniper Rifle)
  • Prismatic Laser (Beam Shotgun)
  • Ballistic Gatling (Press and Hold Charge + Automatic shooting)
  • Laser Gatling (Press and Hold Charge + Automatic Beam)
  • Heavy Laser (Press and Hold Charge + Continuous Beam)
And that’s just the start!

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