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Please Note: These are retroactive posts to show history and progress.

Progress Update 10/4/2016:
– DAMN Lights! Cast Shadows SPENSIVE! So I had about like 10+ lights on the ship and wow I didn’t realize how expensive shadow casting in Unreal is. Then again, they aren’t differed lights and are probably full Dynamic. So what ever 🙂
— I changed these lights all over to non-shadow casting, and went from ~26 FPS back to 114 FPS. LOL omg. My game runs too smooth
— A side effect currently with the FPS being super fucking amazing shit hot or terrible (114 FPS or <30 FPS) is that Ticks are frame dependent. Herp-derp I guess that’s obvious. However, what kinda isn’t is that all the tick functions I do are also frame dependent. Meaning that all the functions that run off tick will run super fast with high frame rate or super slow with low frame rate.
– Found this Cvar “t.MaxFPS 60” to lock the FPS
— I like the idea to push for a 60 FPS gameplay
TODO: Setup a fixed timestep for Tick Functions to 60fps assumption.
– Got Space Particles working. These are the ambient space dirt particles to give the impression that the player is traveling in different directions.
– Tweaked up intensity of Milkyway (looks better)
– Changed cubemap of skylight to grey again for better low light visibility.
NOTE: Random screenshot before closing out for the night. It’s a good sign that on a random frame of gameplay is screenshot worthy.

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