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Please Note: These are retroactive posts to show history and progress.

Progress Update 9/30/2016:
– Ran into a bug with Aim Offset when trying to setup the lasers
— This might be the cause of missing shots at extreme angles 🙁
TODO: Fix Aim Offset

Progress Update 10/2/2016:
– Fixed with Aim Offset being done now in world space as was being done in the Debuging of the raycast. I have since moved it to the weapons since the Aim Offset Relative was added with the Ship’s rotation relative to camera which caused further offset than what I wanted
BUG: beams render a frame behind and don’t use local space 🙁

Progress Update 10/3/2016:
– Workaround for Beam rendering a frame behind. Instead of using Unreal Particle Beams, I’m doing the MWLL trick of spawning geometry and then stretching it along one axis to achieve the effect.

— Down side is I don’t get the nice gradient of the laser beam material since I’m using a cylinder. I might consider switching back to a plane and then rotate it to camera like Beams do (isn’t this just recreating beams though?)
— I made a kind of work around for this too where I have tripled up the “inner white cores” within the outter cylinder and then had an opacity drop on the White Core material. This overlap on the differently scaled cores gives an illusion of a gradient being there for the laser, but might be expensive for the long run with alot of overlapping transparency…
TODO: Profile Lasers Transparency
TODO: Might eventually go back to Beams and look at how I can set these up with Simulated actors since the PFX on beams is much easier to make cooler beams than to do it with the geo.

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