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Frame Delay??

So I just wanna chime in here and bitch about why there’s a need for a frame delay on “Event Possess”. Usually with Event nodes, all the logic seems to be executed on the Pawn first, and then executes the entire node for that event including all required outputs to have return values. So then why is it that “Event Possess” seems to be the only node that seems to complete its logic and executes a return before the actual “Possession” of the Pawn occurs? I know this is kind of a spin off of the last little rant, but I needed to get this off my chest since this stupid bug has been here since 4.10 and keeps annoying me, especially for Multiplayer support.


Basically the problem is that this Event Possess is pretty critical to know when the AI or a Player takes control of the Spaceships and I need to then check to see if it’s actually an AI or a Player to take control so I can do things like Initialize the ship (turn on engines, lights, HUD, etc) and activate weapons/weapon groups. Well the problem with this dumb node is that the actual event skips ahead of confirming who’s actually in control and proceeds to perform the execution of the return node BEFORE an actual controller (AI/Player) actually possesses it. This of course leads to issues with HUD not being initialized for a Player or even issues with the AI not knowing it’s in control of the ship.


This problem is actually further compounded by Multiplayer where the Client needs to also be aware of their possession of the Pawn prior to, so even this Frame Delay trick doesn’t work in Muliplayer and I will need to look into a better method to confirm the actual Controller on the client side so Player’s in MP won’t be stuck with no HUD.


I really wish that Epic would make these core Events in Blueprints work better out of the box, especially for basic controller assignment and also with Multiplayer information passing. But c’est la vie I guess…

I hope you all enjoyed this brief,

God speed, Warden


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