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Greetings Warden

Another layer of the Planetary Defense Interface is well on the way. Our contributors from the United States have granted us ownership over their cold-war era defense systems. These leftover designs from the Reagan era “Strategic Defense Initiative” have been updated since the 1980’s to fit with today’s Solar Warden technologies. We have successfully adapted this defense system to suit our needs of defending the planet and partnered countries without public knowledge.

With the old resources of the Raegan’s “Star Wars Program” and the current technology we’ve adapted to fit on these assets, we have redesigned these defense satellites and have made them into a modular fashion to allow quick swapping of equipment and munitions to allow for a more versatile use around the orbit of the planet.

This modularity opens the door for you Warden, to decide what kind of equipment you wish to apply onto these Satellites and how you wish to deploy them.

The “Satellite Ring” can be quickly attached with sensor suites and waypoint navigation beacons for Mag Drive coordinate calculations. While the “Morning Star” bulk attachment allows for munitions to be housed and attached allowing for tactical defense.

Our engineering teams on board Zenith Station are still however looking into building out larger satellite defense platforms which will house much larger equipment and weapons as seen on our currently deployed Corvettes. One such platform our engineering teams are working on is code-named “Daedalus”.

All these Satellite Defense systems have been geared with advanced Artificial Intelligence software which has an encrypted Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system which will automatically identify approaching threats and neutralize them if weapon systems have been equipped. This frees up the much-needed manpower and provides us with the ability to provide defense systems around the world without the public’s knowledge.

Once ready, it will be up to you Warden, to decide where the best places to deploy these Satellites to gain the best defensive coverage.

I leave the defense of our planet in your capable hands.

Good luck Warden.

– General Lanther

>>End Transmission<<

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