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  • Ugly Briefs Update #4

    15 February 2021 , by Kaze of Kami

    Frame Delay?? So I just wanna chime in here and bitch about why there’s a need for a frame delay on “Event Possess”. Usually with Event nodes, all the logic seems to be executed on the Pawn first, and then executes the entire node for that event including all required outputs to have return values. So then why is it...

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  • Ugly Briefs Update #3

    5 February 2021 , by Kaze of Kami

    Let me have CONTROL! Right, so this issue with “Controllers” in Unreal has been an on going annoyance since the beginning of the project. Anyone who has done work with Pawn Possession or Multiplayer has had to deal with Controllers (Player Controllers / AI Controllers). Imagine having to deal with assuming control of your ship, but the ...

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  • Ugly Briefs Update #2

    3 February 2021 , by Kaze of Kami

    Such ugly underpants. I hope the underpants gnomes don’t steal So as promised. I wanted to update you all again this week and talk about the turret rotation Animation Blueprints (Anim BPs) and Anim Graph issues we fell into with difference Unreal Engine integrations. Fortunately with this change over with how the Anim BPs work now with Unreal...

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  • Big Reinforcements Inbound

    16 November 2020 , by Kaze of Kami

    Greetings Wardens In this update, we have lots to show for new assets and some incoming additions to the fleet! Also along new enemies (both human and alien) that you will encounter while defending the planet. We also would like to show off the use of the directional shield array from the “Aegis” lost tech Heavy Fighter that has to...

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  • Getting the project back on tr...

    11 October 2020 , by Kaze of Kami

    Greetings Wardens In this update, we want to talk about how we are getting the project back on track even during these lockdowns and some sneak peaks at some new content. Getting back on track before February From our previous update here we mentioned we would be placing the project on hold until next year and then update you all...

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  • Not Dead Yet – COVID-19 ...

    30 August 2020 , by Kaze of Kami

    Greetings Wardens In this update we talk about how the COVID-19 Lockdowns and current events have impacted development. We may be down, but we aren’t out! We talk about how we’re taking this situation very seriously and how you should too. COVID-19 Lockdown Contrary to popular belief, we have not died off. Neither COVID-19 nor the gover...

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  • Addressing the lack of updates...

    31 December 2019 , by Kaze of Kami

    Greetings Wardens In this update we will address the lack of updates over the past few months and get you caught up on the current feature additions such as; Telepresence Effects, Light Shafts, and Spaceship Loadouts, as well as a little bit of insight for development for 2020. Addressing the Lack of Updates Greetings Wardens. First off, I would pe...

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  • Dev Update – Communicati...

    28 July 2019 , by Kaze of Kami

    Greetings Wardens We’re back online! Forgive the communication black out, Wardens. We ran into some major development snags along with needing to move locations. These snags have now been dealt with and we’re back up and running again! Here is the current progress made since last update… PDI Layout Reworked As seen with the above ...

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  • Dev Update – Fleet Comma...

    29 April 2019 , by Kaze of Kami

    Greetings Wardens In this update, we’d like to show off a ton of additional features that are bringing us all closer toward the Alpha release. From the Tactical View with micromanaging your ships commands during battle, to the Mega-Meteor destruction and further gameplay dealing with the broken pieces of it, to honoring the Event Horizon Tele...

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  • Dev Update – Flight Mode...

    17 March 2019 , by Kaze of Kami

    Greetings Wardens In this update we wanted to show off in video format the new Flight Modes you can expect to see in the upcoming Alpha release. We’ve split them into two categories; Vector Modes and Orientation Modes, so you can mix and match which ones you’d prefer. Be sure to watch the video demonstration to get an idea on...

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Solar Warden
  • Utility spacecraft
    June 14, 2018
    A tugboat like craft (maybe variant(s)s of the H.U.R.K. transport?) built for dedicated reclaiming of resources, destroyed Warden craft and Silicoid husks, pilots and API boxes that successfully eject from destroyed Warden craft, and moving satellites ...
  • Artificial Pilot Intelligences
    June 14, 2018
    APP or API - artificial pilot personality or artificial pilot intelligenceFielded after research into artificial intelligence nets the necessary breakthroughs, artificial pilot computer systems could be installed into Warden craft to function as human...
  • Shell company space-missions
    June 14, 2018
    The idea: using shell companies for deploying civilian cargo into space to make money on the side. Such missions could also use transport craft to get other, more important resources into space.  Thus with limited transporters the commander would have ...
  • Asteroid-based resources
    June 14, 2018
    The idea is that resources could be reclaimed from asteroids that Silicoid arrive in, are sent to distract fire in a Silicoid rush/damage Earth's surface, or end up on a course to just pass by.H.U.R.K. transports could be deployed to carry a mining la...
  • Re: Capital ships humans-aliens
    February 17, 2018
    OMG you just make me happy to hear that ty agent for the replay beautiful i can't wait to play your game 
  • Re: Weapons rarity alien containers and Bosses
    February 17, 2018
    ty for the replay is sounds good can't wait to see what the game hase to offer once it is realised
  • Re: Capital ships humans-aliens
    February 16, 2018
    Thanks for the support!To answer your first question. We do have ships that are larger than the fighters which are the "Corvettes". They are much slower in handling, but pack quite a punch with their multiple turret mounts as well as larger weapons yo...
  • Re: Weapons rarity alien containers and Bosses
    February 16, 2018
    No worries, your English is fine .We don't believe in an RNG loot drop system as we feel that it pulls Players out from the immersion factor and reinforces a more "gambling style" reward, rather than a hard work pay off. However there is still RNG, ...
  • Weapons rarity alien containers and Bosses
    February 13, 2018
    Hello all me again any plans for Weapons rarity and alien contaners for the game for as example alien contaners where you need to hack the container to get a RNG alien Weapon rarity ore armor parts from tier 1-5 Killing a alien boss to get the weapo...
  • Capital ships humans-aliens
    February 13, 2018
    Hello all first i will like to apologize for my bad english i help my self with google second amazing game 110% i will buy it now for the mane topic will the game have capital ships like cruisers battlecruisers battleships carriers dreadnoughts and log...

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