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  • Demo on Steam and Gamejolt

    17 May 2018 , by Kaze of Kami

    3 platforms to get the Demo! Greetings Wardens, Right in time for the weekend, it is with great pleasure that we have now published our Demo on both Steam and Game Jolt platforms! If you haven’t already played the Demo on PC, then now is the time! Check out the demo on any of the available platforms. Steam:

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  • Screenshot Mode Competition

    16 May 2018 , by Kaze of Kami

    Greetings Wardens! Welcome to the Solar Warden Screenshot Competition! This is your chance to win 5 Steam Keys of the full release of Solar Warden when the full title is released! We want you to gather up and post your best screenshots OR animated gifs over on where privacy settings are set to PUBLIC with the tags  “gaming” and “so...

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  • Solar Warden FREE Demo now ava...

    13 May 2018 , by Kaze of Kami

    FREE Demo Now Available! Steam COMING SOON! (Kickstarter Backers of CADET and higher will get a Steam key for immediate access) IndieDB Take control of the Solar Warden fleet defending planet Earth against a short amount of incoming waves of meteors filling with the hostile space base...

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  • Space Game Junkie Podcast R...

    3 May 2018 , by Kaze of Kami

    SGJ Podcast #246 – Solar Warden Greetings Wardens, Recently Space Game Junkie performed an interview with the Lead Developer of Solar Warden – Dan “Kamikaze” Adams over on their Youtube Channel. It was a great podcast where it was a deep dive into a lot of the game mechanics such as available ships, weapons, Telepresence, wo...

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  • Solar Warden Development Live ...

    29 April 2018 , by Kaze of Kami

    Silicoid Worm Development Live Stream up on Youtube Greetings Warden, We just had a Development Live Stream talking about the Silicoid Worm. We talked about how we created the concept of the Silicoid race and how we went from Concept Art to Ingame and fighting the player inside of Unreal Engine! Don’t worry if you missed it, we have the...

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  • Kickstarter Coming April 22nd!

    14 April 2018 , by Kaze of Kami

    The Countdown Has Begun! Warden! The countdown has begun toward our Kickstarter! Come April 22nd we will be calling on your support to help fund the Planetary Defense Initiative and help save the planet! Be sure to subscribe to our social media and join our community Discord before we go live! Facebook Twitter Follow @SolarWardenGame Reddit Continu...

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  • Flat Earth DLC

    1 April 2018 , by Kaze of Kami

    Congratulations Warden! Due to your loyalty, you have been selected to experience the actual truth of Earth and travel beyond the Crystal Firmament to stop the heavens from falling down on us! We will be bringing you out of your round Earth simulation and putting you in command of the real defense force – the Dome Ultra Military Battalion Com...

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  • Development Update #3 – ...

    20 March 2018 , by Kaze of Kami

    For this Development Update, we’re exploring the Time Dilation feature of the campaign. This feature allows you to speed up time from the PDI which will let you “fast forward” through the lulls of the campaign. Different speeds can be set such as; Paused 1 second : 1second (normal time) 1 minute : 1 second 1 hour : 1 second...

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  • Screenshot Mode

    3 March 2018 , by Kaze of Kami

    Screenshot Mode For Screenshot Saturday, we figured it would be fitting to show off our “Screenshot Mode” from within the Pause Menu. When paused, time will freeze which will allow you to get the perfect camera angle to take that perfect screenshot within game. We can’t wait to see what kind of awesome screenshots you all will tak...

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Solar Warden
  • Utility spacecraft
    June 14, 2018
    A tugboat like craft (maybe variant(s)s of the H.U.R.K. transport?) built for dedicated reclaiming of resources, destroyed Warden craft and Silicoid husks, pilots and API boxes that successfully eject from destroyed Warden craft, and moving satellites ...
  • Artificial Pilot Intelligences
    June 14, 2018
    APP or API - artificial pilot personality or artificial pilot intelligenceFielded after research into artificial intelligence nets the necessary breakthroughs, artificial pilot computer systems could be installed into Warden craft to function as human...
  • Shell company space-missions
    June 14, 2018
    The idea: using shell companies for deploying civilian cargo into space to make money on the side. Such missions could also use transport craft to get other, more important resources into space.  Thus with limited transporters the commander would have ...
  • Asteroid-based resources
    June 14, 2018
    The idea is that resources could be reclaimed from asteroids that Silicoid arrive in, are sent to distract fire in a Silicoid rush/damage Earth's surface, or end up on a course to just pass by.H.U.R.K. transports could be deployed to carry a mining la...
  • Welcome to Solar Warden Forums
    June 5, 2018
    “According to theories, Solar Warden is an ultra-secret project that maintains a fleet of spacecraft that are operating primarily within Earth’s Orbit and around our solar system. Some say they’re defending us against alien threats.” – Jonathan Marc...
  • Re: Capital ships humans-aliens
    February 17, 2018
    OMG you just make me happy to hear that ty agent for the replay beautiful i can't wait to play your game 
  • Re: Weapons rarity alien containers and Bosses
    February 17, 2018
    ty for the replay is sounds good can't wait to see what the game hase to offer once it is realised
  • Re: Capital ships humans-aliens
    February 16, 2018
    Thanks for the support!To answer your first question. We do have ships that are larger than the fighters which are the "Corvettes". They are much slower in handling, but pack quite a punch with their multiple turret mounts as well as larger weapons yo...
  • Re: Weapons rarity alien containers and Bosses
    February 16, 2018
    No worries, your English is fine .We don't believe in an RNG loot drop system as we feel that it pulls Players out from the immersion factor and reinforces a more "gambling style" reward, rather than a hard work pay off. However there is still RNG, ...
  • Weapons rarity alien containers and Bosses
    February 13, 2018
    Hello all me again any plans for Weapons rarity and alien contaners for the game for as example alien contaners where you need to hack the container to get a RNG alien Weapon rarity ore armor parts from tier 1-5 Killing a alien boss to get the weapo...

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